Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thanks, but no thanks | Another Letter From the Stack

“Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for your interest in our registry

Although I appreciated the opportunity to review your materials, I regret to inform you that they will not be incorporated into our curated artist registry. I realize that this is a potential disappointment to you, but I hope that you can understand that this process is extremely competitive, and that only a very small percentage of submissions are accepted.

Unfortunately due to the overwhelming volume of submissions we recieve each week, which I personally review, it is impossible for me to give individual feedback to each artist who submits their work for consideration.

I encourage you to look into other spaces with review programs in New York, such as Art in General, Artists Space, the Drawing Center, Exit Art, P.S. 1, and the Sculpture Center.

Thank you for allowing me to review your materials.

Best wishes,

Director & Chief Curator”

Well this is a new type of rejection letter for me. I applied a few weeks ago for a curated registry located in NYC. While I knew my odds were somewhat slim, I also took a chance and submitted a body of work that I haven’t been in the habit of promoting, my Body Series Drawings. I figured for such a gritty and edgy location I should change things up and send these works rather than my current series which are much more soft, and quiet. Well, it could have been the drawings, might have been my resume, it could have been any number of things and as you can see, even eliciting this response was an achievement. They certainly don’t have time to tell me what about that work wasn’t appropriate for their collection. One good thing though is that I can always turn around and send the series I’m working on a few weeks later. Here’s to a little trial and error.


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