Monday, April 24, 2006

No Name Rejection...

A long long while back (August 2005), I entered what I believed to be my strongest work for consideration by a local museum. Attached to my entry were ten slides including, Sweet Dreams, Breakfast in Bed, Better Days, Leftovers, Empty, Hungry Couple, Core, Solitary, and Origin. Everything was clearly labeled, and I even included references from past exhibitions to prove my professionalism. At any rate, Just recently I received a reply to my efforts:

"We at the John Smith Memorial Art Museum appreciate your dedication as an artist and wish you much success with your career goals. The Museum's exhibition committee met and reviewed all submissions for future shows. At this time we are returning the materials you submitted to us. The committee felt at this time they did not fit into our schedule of exhibitions.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.


John Smith

Not even a salutation to me, or even my own name. They must just churn out rejection letters at an alarming rate, sign them, and slap them into SASE's without a moment's thought. And really, if they recieved that many entries, I'm sure they had no choice. I at least prefer the rejection letters with my name on them. You know they had to pay more attention slipping them into the right envelopes at least. ;)